Award from KdedeC Consulting and Training Company in Europe

Our member KdedeC Consultancy and Training Company received the “International Star of Leadership in Quality” award this year by Business Initiative Direction (BID).

BID President Jose E. Prieto won the ödül International Star of Leadership in Quality Award 2018 isinde award for the ‘2014 International Star of Leadership in Quality de award to KdedeC Consultancy and Training Company. it is given.

The International Quality Award was organized by Imarpress World as a media sponsor with BID Group One and Business Initiative Directions (BID). The ISLQ award is awarded to individuals and companies selected from 179 countries. TÜVASAŞ, Sabanci Foundation, Dogus Holding, as well as organizations such as the first member of our consulting and training company to receive this award from Turkey has been kdedec Consulting and Training Company. We congratulate them as the KalDer family.