I have received numerous trainings for many years. All of these trainings were based on the memorization system and they were given and given to a society that grew up with this system. The instructor starts to read the slide from where it hurts; Today ‘s subject,’ ‘QUALITY’ ‘Historical, meaning the definition of historical meaning is going on.
The trainees see these training days in a relaxed environment away from the company, listen but only listen. No question, no comment. He writes short notes, learns the questions he can take in the exam …… writes. Somehow companies do not have proficiency check after training. Somehow, the top management does not explain how the application is done with the documents and documents that are available.
In other words, it is not fulfilled by the top management about leadership. Qualified trainees are doing it because it is a shorter time to do ” copy-paste ”. Derste simply does not want to put on a jacket suitable for his own company to make comments as he gets what he wants. Creating procedures Do not develop instruction skills
Today, the meaning of ” LEARNING ” is a big secret. We aim to bring out the secret of these educators. Practices to emphasize learning skills should be made. People in education should be commented on the subject. Most importantly, quality trainings are no longer collective but ” ANY COMPANY IS SUITABLE AND OUR COMPANY SHOULD ” Sample material will always be available for every topic taught. People who receive training will see how wrong it is and how it will work.
If we cannot remove the same concept from a word or word, we need to perceive that we are condemned to failure at the beginning of the work. For this reason, it is the common understanding of the concepts of the approach words first in the quality applications. For example; Quality Control – Quality Assurance – Quality Management – start discussing these three words You will encounter many different perception differences. These are touched upon in the trainings related to quality but not indisputable, the only explanation is shudder. Draw three circles inside. In the innermost “QUALITY CONTROL”, “QUALITY ASSURANCE” in the middle, “QUALITY MANAGEMENT” in the outermost, you will see that you can come out in a Project.
What should we do?
We must support evidence-based practices. Let’s win and win the habit of showing objective evidence. Let’s make the job descriptions very well. Know and understand your responsibilities, responsibilities, and authority as you go into business.
LEADERSHIP, RISKS AND RISK ANALYSIS CONCEPT, APPLICATION, REDUCING ACCEPTABLE RIKS are RICA MANAGEMENT CONFIGURATION PROCEDURE (PROSESS) MANAGEMENT, EDUCATION, STAFF COMPETENCE, MEASURE Evaluation, TRACKING, PURCHASE, suppliers and Inspections, INTERNAL AUDIT PROSESS and configuration utilities AUDIT DATA ANALYSIS the transferred jobs are CONTINUOUSLY operations, special processes are outsourced processes, maintenance plans, resources, provision of resources, determining the resources that are relevant to the process, determination of hazard and incident tracking the first controlled, intermediate checks, FINAL CHECKS, projects, training plans, FAIR PROCESSES, TROUBLESHOOTING, CONTRACTS, LEGAL PROCEDURES, WASTE PROCUREMENT, WASTE AND WASTE MANAGEMENT, FIRST INSPECTION (FAI) PROCEDURES, TERMS, LEGAL PROCEDURES, … ……………………
The subject is based on “STANDARDS”. The Qualifier reads, implements, the Auditor reads, finds mistakes in practice, Top management is not interested (“DOCTOR ‘” only interested) He reads it, reads it, reads it. Then take one, change the company logos. ‘Copy-Paste’. To the system (That is to put it in the file. And everyone signs paper as if they had notified. Our results are as follows: “LIFE AND MONEY HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED IN A FEW PEOPLE, THEY OWN THE FAMILY TO MAKE YOU OWN, Being reliable, Being tolerant, Being a leader in our business by constantly developing.
Top management, leaders, managers and employees, Quality is a culture.
Learn and teach this culture in all areas of your life by receiving Training and Training.