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Awards Continue To Come From Europe

We are proud to bring the "International Star For Leadership in Quality" award to our country, which we have been nominated as KdedeC Consultancy and Training company.

KdedeC Consulting and Training Company Receives New Award

KdedeC receives the AS 9100 Aviation, Space and Defense Management System Advisor of the Year Award this year!

We Received Our Second Award from Europe!

It was awarded the "The Excellence in Quality" award this year by the Club of Leaders.

We Received Our 3rd Prize From USA!

As KdedeC Consulting and Training Company, we added success to our success with two awards we received from Europe in 2018. We welcomed 2019 with the "BUSINESS EXCELLENCE" Award from America.
We wish good luck to our country and our future.

The 4th Prize From USA!

The KdedeC, who set up a system in Aviation and Defense, Is Not Satisfied with Rewards.

5. Prize from UK!

The KdedeC, who set up a system in Aviation and Defense, cannot get enough of the awards.

6th Prize From Our Own Country!

We are very happy to be deemed worthy of the "Aviation-Defense Consultancy-Education Brand of the Year" Award!

7. Award From Our Own Country!

KdedeC was awarded in the Best of the Year organized by PBY Media, selected from 12 countries and different categories.

The 8th Prize is from Paris!

We are very happy to be deemed worthy of The Winner Awards Paris Award organized by International Business Magazine.

9. Award from London!

We were listed in the TOP 100 in the Best Regional Companies and TOP Managers List, and we were deemed worthy of the Achievements Forum Promising Regions in Focus award.

The 10th Award Comes From America!

KdedeC consulting and training company was selected for the "MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARD" to be held on December 9 and 10, when we will receive the first edition of THE BIZZ AWARDS on a virtual platform.

The Year 2021 Has Arrived With The 11th Award!

We are very happy to be deemed worthy of the "AS 9100 Aviation, Space and Defense Management System Consultant of the Year" award.

The 12th Prize of KdedeC Consulting and Training Company is from Our Country!

As KdedeC Consulting and Training Company, we have been selected as "The Most Successful Quality Consultancy and Training Company of the Year".

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About KdedeC Consulting and Training

Always in your Quality and Aviation

I, Kemal CIYRAK I started my business life in 1980 and started to work as Aircraft Helicopter Technician in the Turkish Air Force Aviation Class. All the powers and capabilities of the Civil aviation rules to ensure compliance with these capabilities and capabilities to contribute to the economy of the country by making the necessary work to do JAR (EASA) -145 Maintenance Authority has taken the necessary work. After 25 years, I ended my retirement from my retirement life with the training of Helicopter and Special Expertise.
In the last five years of the armed forces, I served as the Quality Supervisor under the EASA PART-145 Roof at the Pal propeller workshop of the 5th Main Maintenance Center Command and as the Revolving Fund Treasurer as additional duty. I received quality training in order to improve myself and to be responsible for quality. In 1980 I started working in my life, defense and aerospace is the only school which place later in the quality of its entry into my life, ” Aerospace ‘Lead Auditor-as (19 years) in total, (41) I have years of experience.

41 Years of Experience in Education and Consultancy Sector

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As KdedeC Consulting and Training Company, we share our knowledge and experience of more than 40 years in the Aviation and Quality sectors with our clients.