The most important points to note when choosing a consulting company are;

1-Advise yourself with your supervisor first, identify your competence, evaluate the document and experience of how satisfied you can work.
2 - The person who will run your system is the person that the company is NOT the NAME.
3-The reference should be strong and strong (see CV)
4-Look at the EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE in the Aviation and Defense Industry.
5-Look at how much you have in this vision and how much you have about other topics related to the subject.
6-As the company, you will receive AS9100 certificate for Defense and Aviation. We look at the process that the Consultant gave you to set up the system.
7-We will look at whether the company will have the authority and equipment to provide you with necessary and compulsory education based on documents.
8-Like an Element in your company Should have all the qualities YOU SPECIFY A SPECIAL JOKE.
9-Try to see if the companies you will serve have specific requirements from the quality system.
10-Look at your company, the number of employees, the field of work, knowing what your authority and competencies mean.
11-Check whether there are trainings in this area that he has.
12- Please be aware of which topics will be processed, which topics will be trained and how the processes will be detailed within the consulting process.
13- As a result of all these, '' CHEAP-DIE-COST ARE LESS-VERY SHORT CURRENT DOCUMENTS TO GIVE '' Consultant can not call, Negotiation''Documents Valuable, valuable, meaningful, delayed and compulsory. YOU ARE ONLY LOSE-YOU CAN NOT HAVE ANYTHING.



Establishing ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

Why İSO 9001 Quality Certificate Required?

ISO 9001 2015 Quality Certificate is received by a company or organization for the following reasons

Companies that want to upgrade Company Management to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

Companies that wish to prove to their clients or other stakeholders that their systems are on the basis of the International Quality Standards.

Companies that want to improve or improve the performance of the Company Quality Management Systems.

Mandatory by customers or Company Partners.

Companies that are in the position of suppliers are required to hold companies.

The reasons for the compulsory maintenance of the public sector, which is the legal authority, in order to evaluate companies equally in the tender.

Annex SL

Annex SL is the standard that defines the new high level structure for all ISO management systems standards.


Annex SL provides the new high level structure for ISO management systems standards- it replaces the historical ISO Guide 83 and expands on the base structure already implemented.  

It has been created to introduce identical core text and common terms and definitions.  This will:

streamline standards

encourage standardisation

ease the integration of management systems


Annex SL will only affect future management systems standards- for example ISO 9001:2008 will not be affected, but the new ISO 9001:2015 will follow the structure, core text and definitions of Annex SL.

Establishment of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System


At the international level, we can minimize the harm we give to the environment, and environmental standards are applied to national and international legal regulations and regulations.The key to the acquisition of ISO 14001 documentation is also emerging at this point. This standard will enable us to have an understanding of the management system that helps us implement national and international legislation and helps us to minimize the environmental impact of our activities

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Direction. Fog. Setup


Legal Responsibility: (obligation in accordance with Law No. 4857)

The Human Approach: (to hear the conscience)

Economic Factors: (criminal proceedings, treatment costs)

Integrated system installation (ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001-2015 & OHSAS-18001)

AS9100 Rev: D Installing the System. International Quality Group is a Quality Management System Standard developed by Aerospace Industries.

It is based on ISO 9001, but includes Annexes Duties Responsibilities and interpretations specific to Aerospace and Defense Industries. It is important to remember that you are in this sector to have special needs in your suppliers, suppliers and customers, and that you are obliged to implement and demonstrate these by doing. It is unique and has a high-quality system.

Integrated System Installation

What are the External and internal (contextual) issues of the company.

- What are the main points and objectives?

-What is the Strategy,

-How the applications will be.

-They have plans to reach them.

-What is the intended result of QMS.

-How to see and examine this internal and External issue, what are the results.

-If there is any interest in this and the external issues, what are their needs?

-How do you do International application.

-Products and Services are influenced by these.

-How is the commitment of top management formed.

-The resources used for these determine who is eligible for use and how.

-Production Planning Meeting and Production phases

-Organization structure suitability and (OEK) Organization manual

-Organizing Schedule

-(FAI) Transactions

-Determination of Processes and Processes Interaction scheme

-Process (Process) Audits

-Measurement of Processes and Processes Data Analysis

-Identification of owners of processes and processes Appropriate for process cards

-Preparation of annual training, internal audit, process and configuration plans for your company.

-Follow-up of ISG training plans

-Approval of the preparation of audit plans of external suppliers

-Job planning and management

-Internal Audit (Internal Audits)

-Preparation of 3rd Party Supplier Audits and questionnaire

-Work control outside the supplier campus,

-Documentation Revision and Renewal follow-up list

-Tracking and Archiving of Records Control

-Customer ownership

-Approval of revision notification of foreign documents and approval of the customer

-Mission, Vision, Auditing of Values

-Identification and follow up of Quality, Safety and Environment Policies

-Implementation of input and output of YGG Meetings and follow-up

-Identification and implementation of the tags used in the system

-Internal Audit and Process Audit Question Preparation

-Configuration Management,

-Implementation of changes Identification of critical personnel

-Attorney system and working methods

-Customer Property and requirements

-Establishment and requirements of internal and external communication

-Design, design verification and testing process,

-Training of relevant staff to understand customer documents.

-Reliability and sustainability

-Supplier approval,

-Verification of purchased products,

-Tender and Bidding Demanding of Demands

-Transferred Jobs

-Information processing and information security

-Administrative Affairs and Human Resources

-Personnel responsibility competence and evaluation

-Seal signature authority

-Staff Responsibilities and Critical Staff

-Traceability of the product throughout its lifetime,

-Product documentation,

-Preparation of Work Orders

-Identification of POs and confirmation of follow-up of required transactions

-Control of manufacturing process changes,

-Control of CNC programs with manufacturing equipment and tools,

-Special processes,

-Outsourced Processes


-Measurement of Processes

-Determination of targets and policy compliance

-Inspection and testing processes,

-Calibration Verification and Operations to be done.

-Implementation of maintenance plans (for each device) follow up and update

-The aim of Leadership and Leadership.

-Common field use or programs used authorization matrices (such as ERP)

-Risk based thinking and application systems

-Risk identification, mitigation adoption and residual risks

-Construction of Risk Management

-Assessment of Hazard Events

-(Ramak Kala) notifications

-Areas of ESD and Control Programs

-Suggestion System Establishment Follow-up Management and Evaluation

-Methods, resources and records,

-Determination of resources in processes and processes

-Personnel Orientation and recurrent refresher training plan and follow-up.

-Warehouse Inventory Control Study and Methods warehouse scheme.

-Customer material storage and location determination

-Keeping documents and documentation of scrap processing (HEK) separated material storage

-Initial entry checks of the materials brought in by the Customer

-Follow-up of intermediate controls in accordance with customer requirements

-Final inspection and delivery of the product.

-Transportation Shipment, Packaging and Packing methods

-Project Preparation, Project Management

-Demand Proposal Tender and Review of Contracts Evaluation

-Returns and non-compliances to be done from the customer

-Actions to be Taken to Troubleshoot Errors and Non-compliances

-Difficulty (DOF) lere Why do not repeat again why ROOT ANALYSIS

-Corrective measures,

-Internal Audit requirements,

-Internal auditors receive service by making a contract on a contract basis

-First Article Inspection examination (FAI),

-Elimination of unsuitable product,

-Control of the first product (Raw materials) entering the system and Conditions

-Continuous Improvement and Requirements