Our Consultancies


The most important points to note when choosing a consulting company are;

1-Advise yourself with your supervisor first, identify your competence, evaluate the document and experience of how satisfied you can work.
2 – The person who will run your system is the person that the company is NOT the NAME.
3-The reference should be strong and strong (see CV)
4-Look at the EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE in the Aviation and Defense Industry.
5-Look at how much you have in this vision and how much you have about other topics related to the subject.
6-As the company, you will receive AS9100 certificate for Defense and Aviation. We look at the process that the Consultant gave you to set up the system.
7-We will look at whether the company will have the authority and equipment to provide you with necessary and compulsory education based on documents.
8-Like an Element in your company Should have all the qualities YOU SPECIFY A SPECIAL JOKE.
9-Try to see if the companies you will serve have specific requirements from the quality system.
10-Look at your company, the number of employees, the field of work, knowing what your authority and competencies mean.
11-Check whether there are trainings in this area that he has.
12- Please be aware of which topics will be processed, which topics will be trained and how the processes will be detailed within the consulting process.
13- As a result of all these, ” CHEAP-DIE-COST ARE LESS-VERY SHORT CURRENT DOCUMENTS TO GIVE ” Consultant can not call, Negotiation”Documents Valuable, valuable, meaningful, delayed and compulsory. YOU ARE ONLY LOSE-YOU CAN NOT HAVE ANYTHING.