Who Are We?

I, Kemal CIYRAK I started my business life in 1980 and started to work as Aircraft Helicopter Technician in the Turkish Air Force Aviation Class. All the powers and capabilities of the Civil aviation rules to ensure compliance with these capabilities and capabilities to contribute to the economy of the country by making the necessary work to do JAR (EASA) -145 Maintenance Authority has taken the necessary work. After 25 years, I ended my retirement from my retirement life with the training of Helicopter and Special Expertise. In the last five years of the armed forces, I served as the Quality Supervisor under the EASA PART-145 Roof at the Pal propeller workshop of the 5th Main Maintenance Center Command and as the Revolving Fund Treasurer as additional duty. I received quality training in order to improve myself and to be responsible for quality. In 1980 I started working in my life, defense and aerospace is the only school which place later in the quality of its entry into my life, ” Aerospace ‘Lead Auditor-as (19 years) in total, (41) I have years of experience. I have received the license of EASG and FAA which should be taken every year or every two years. The validity of my license is: 05-09-2023. You can see all my certificates in CV section. I served as Maintenance and Technical Manager and Security Manager in Müdür HELICOPTER EMERGENCY MEDICAL SYSTEM TER ’HEMS PROJECT ım which was not even in our country for two years in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah). I received the Body-System trainings of the BO-105 Helicopter in Canada and received my JAR-66 License from the DGCA. He served two years as the Basel-Jet Aviation Cat-3 CERTIFIYING STAFF MEMBER AUTHORISATION. I performed third party audits of Thirteen Suppliers of TAI Company. ASELSAN Company by Working with the HELICOPTER PROJECT IN CHILE, System project, taking delivery of aircraft, the creation of the process control system of the first intermediate and final flight test and I took part in making the technical inspection. During this period, AS 9100 Rev-D (From IRCA Certificate No: 01198357) and ISO 9001: especially 2015 Standards (From OASIS  Certificate No: 19033650) in Turkey Aviation and the development of the defense sector, obtaining a chance there in the systematized and institutionalized the process of taking your place in this process, we have counseling set up the system to our company. In addition, the second grade of Anadolu University Management and Erzurum Atatürk University Department of Sociology is continuing its life as a student. In the last case with a total of 12 staff, We made a successful system installation, consulting and educational work resulting from recognition results in the year of the knowledge base and experience result in the collaboration with solution partners with a new breakthrough in order to institutionalize out of personal values ​​kdedec Consulting and Training Company by establishing the future of our country, our knowledge and to convey on behalf of that national BEFORE this is the journey to build the future by providing Economic Compliance with BEFORE INFORMATION approach. Also, in Turkey as a Single Agent and Auditors who served as eighteen standard did lead auditor from working, Additionally, We live FIRST ADDITION to two consecutive TIMES AWARD WINNING CONSULTANCY the HAPPINESS TO THE EXTENT OF BEING THE COMPANY in the year 2018 in Turkey. First of our prizes: INTERNATION STAR LEADERSHIP IN QUALITY STAR INTERN – (PARIS) Second of our awards: THE EXCELLENT IN QUALITY ENT EX – (CANNES) ‘We got. YOU CAN SEE OUR OTHER AWARDS ON OUR HOMEPAGE.